How Selling Land Is Different Than Selling A House in Arizona

Selling land is much different than selling a house. There are some fundamental key differences you should be aware of before putting it up for sale. In our latest post, we will let you know how to prepare the land, how to market it, and what you should be aware of.

Do you have land you would like to sell in Arizona? If so, it’s wise to have a strategy in place to help you sell. The best strategy for selling land is to paint a picture of all the potential the land holds. For example, would the land make an ideal place to build a home? Maybe the land could be an amazing recreational getaway. Or, if you’re trying to sell a big property in an agricultural area, you could pitch it as a self-sustaining farm. If you can stretch your imagination and give potential buyers some creative ideas of what they could do with the land, you stand a much higher chance of closing the deal faster. Investors will want to see the potential as well as the value of the property over time.

Fewer Potential Buyers

The market for land is much different than for houses. You simply will not come across as many people looking for land as you will find looking for a house. This means you will need to get your land in front of the right people at the right time. You will need a clever marketing strategy to make the location of your property really stand out. What makes it so different from the property down the street? What makes your land better than the rest? Keep in mind who your buyers are and what they want. Land buyers are looking for location, buildability, and future area development. Make sure to highlight these things and be well versed for future building plans in the area. These things can be used as huge selling points.

Different Marketing Strategies

You will want to have signage on the property detailing the specs of the land. The size, the zoning, and your contact information are all things you’ll want to share. Keep in mind that people will be driving by when they see your sign, so you will want to grab their attention without being too distracting. Don’t put too much information, otherwise, your phone number will be lost in the mix. Use eye-catching colors and choose colors that won’t fade too badly in the sun. Seeing as your land might take some time to sell, those signs might be out there for a while.

If your land is more remote or off the beaten path, you’ll also want to build an online presence for your property using social media and online listings. You might need to spend some cash upfront to have your property featured, otherwise it might get lost with all the other lots that are currently for sale. And make sure to use as many quality pictures and maps as possible.

Work With Professional Buyers

Working with a professional buyer will save you a ton of time and money. You won’t need to market the property or pay for online listings. You won’t need to hire an agent or pay commissions. You won’t need to wait around until a buyer is found. If you want to sell to reinvest in something else or to get cash for your land quickly, working with a professional buyer is the way to go. Investment Land Alliance is a team of professional land buyers who know the ins and outs of land sales in Arizona. We will work with you to pay you a fair price for your land, making sure you receive a smooth and simple transaction.

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