3 Myths People Believe About Selling Real Estate in Arizona

While popular beliefs may be chock full of intriguing details, they are hardly the truth about selling real estate. Even if it is a false narrative, what we believe can significantly influence our decisions. When it comes to selling your land, it’s best to have your eyes wide open to all of your options. Don’t … Continued

How to Sell Your Land Simply in Arizona

The process to sell your land can be fraught with red-tape, not to mention time consuming and expensive. It can be overwhelming to sell your land on the market. There are so many decisions to make, and it’s difficult to understand the complicated contracts and legal forms, so it is comforting to work with an … Continued

The Best Way to Sell an Abandoned Property in Arizona

Suppose you have an abandoned property in Arizona and are ready to sell it. In that case, we understand the stress and financial issues you may be facing, and we’ve gathered the following information to help make the process as easy as possible. In this post, we explore the best way to sell an abandoned … Continued

The Easiest Way to Sell Your Land in Arizona

When considering selling your property, your first thoughts probably head toward the freedom that comes when you close the sale. And then the questions start hitting you: What’s the best way to sell the land? Do I call a real estate agent? What kind of commission will they charge? Should I sell it myself? Where … Continued

5 Challenges of Inheriting Land in Arizona

We get this question every so often so we thought we’d post about it: What can I do if I’m inheriting land but I don’t want it? Often, when a property owner passes away, they will leave their real estate to beloved family or friends with the best intentions. While it may seem like a … Continued

How to Sell Your Land in Arizona in a Month or Less

Do you need to sell your land in Arizona? Finding the right market to sell an asset is the first step to making the most profit. Unfortunately, traditional buyers will attempt to use this to their advantage if you are in a hurry to sell or have a property with some unusual features.  If you’d … Continued

Why Investment Land Alliance is Buying Land in Arizona

When making choices that significantly affect our finances and personal life, it’s helpful to understand the motivation of someone you are working with to achieve a goal. Knowing why someone does the things they do on your behalf can help you make the best decision. Read on to find out why Investment Land Alliance is … Continued

3 Ways the Arizona Real Estate Industry Has Changed in the Last Decade

The real estate industry is always changing and evolving. It’s a new era in real estate. Technology has dramatically influenced the standards in the day-to-day practice of the real estate business, and it continues to evolve. More sophisticated, user-friendly business models have also grown out of the changes to serve consumers’ needs better in every … Continued

Should You Sell Your Land in Arizona?

Are you wondering if you should sell your land in Arizona? Maybe you bought it a while ago with plans for development. Maybe you found a gorgeous piece of natural wilderness that you thought would make a fantastic recreational retreat. Or maybe you inherited a property and just aren’t sure what to do with it. … Continued

Hoaxes and Scams Arizona Land Buyers and Sellers Should Be Aware Of

Regrettably, the world is full of would-be scammers who look for any opportunity to make a quick buck at the expense of vulnerable consumers. The buying and selling process of real estate is no different. The main difference is the significant financial loss that the victims incur, considering the substantial size of a real estate … Continued