How to Sell Your Land Without a Real Estate Agent

How to Sell Land Without a Phoenix Real Estate Agent

Time to sell your land? Whether you’ve reached the point of exit with the investment; your dreams have changed; the parcel no longer suits your building plans; or life has taken an unexpected turn, you probably want to walk away with as much profit and as little hassle as possible. So your thoughts might turn to listing your land with a real estate agent. While that is viable option, the thought of paying a commission might be a issue for you. So what are your other options? In this post, we share some ideas on How to Sell Your Land Without a Real Estate Agent in Arizona.

With no prep work required, as with a traditional home listing, it should be easy to sell your land, right? But, unfortunately, land indeed is a different process altogether. You are likely facing a long and slow road to figuring out just what it takes to find the right buyer and move a piece of land. Without proper marketing and ample information in hand to respond to those buyers, you will face even further delays as they proceed with their investigations on their own.

We have gathered the following tips on how to sell land without a Phoenix real estate agent.

Know Your Buyer

Before you begin trying to market your vacant land, take some time to figure out who might be the best buyer. Understanding your potential buyer is will help you sell your land without an Arizona real estate agent. Is your land located in a residential area near lots of stores and amenities? Then think about marketing to land developers or individuals seeking land to build their own homes. Maybe the land is in a commercial zone. Small or expanding businesses might be your audience. Or if your land features a more remote location, think about people wanting to go off the grid or create a recreational retreat. By understanding what buyers are seeking, you can highlight the aspects of the property that will appeal to those buyers in your marketing. 

The Facts

When you set out to sell your land without a real estate agent, you’ll need to gather all of the critical data about the property. For example:

  • Does the property have road access?
  • What utilities exist?
  • Does the land need to be drilled for water?
  • What size is the property?
  • Are the boundaries are marked?
  • Are there any easements?
  • How is the property currently zoned?
  • Are there any environmental concerns?

These are just a few of the questions you’ll face from potential buyers, so make sure you have this information ready.

Right Price

One of the most challenging aspects of selling land without a real estate agent is the valuation of the land itself. Although not so easily compared as existing home listings can be, aspects of the land such as distance from urban areas for work commutes, the value of water frontage, or spectacular views are complex to put into numbers without a great deal of experience. Regrettably, erring by incorrectly setting the price can delay or even derail your attempt to sell your land. Buyers looking in the area at multiple properties may have a more clear picture of the value of the land. Priced too high, they’ll just move on and price too low, and they may feel something is wrong that is not mentioned in the listing.

Marketing to Your Buyer

So, you’ve composed the winning copy for your land listing, have the data about the property in hand, and you’ve set the price just right, it is now time to explore your advertising options, including the local paper and, of course, the rest of the world via the internet. In addition, you can create your web page providing information on the property or utilize many sites for such listings. You’ll want to make sure to have lots of high-quality photos of the land along with easy to use maps. Many potential buyers also find drone video of the property immensely helpful when evaluating the land.

Investment Land Alliance

Here’s the thing: there is another selling option where you get a fair cash offer and a quick closing. Consider a direct sale to Investment Land Alliance. This is a fast and easy way to sell your land without a real estate agent. Investment Land Alliance is fair; we want you to decide what is best for your situation, so the direct buyers at Investment Land Alliance will provide you with the valuation of the land if you were to sell it on your own and let you compare it to our offer, which you’ll agree is fair. At Investment Land Alliance, you will find our highly regarded direct buyers are honest, knowledgeable, and always have your best interest in mind. Call Investment Land Alliance at 480-779-8444 or send us a message to learn more!

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