5 Challenges of Inheriting Land in Arizona

We get this question every so often so we thought we’d post about it: What can I do if I’m inheriting land but I don’t want it? Often, when a property owner passes away, they will leave their real estate to beloved family or friends with the best intentions. While it may seem like a windfall when you find out that someone has inherited property, the realities are not always so wonderful. It can be beneficial to understand the problems that could arise on the path before you, so read on as we explore 5 Challenges of Inheriting Land in Arizona.

1) Distance

If you live across the country, distance can cause issues when you’re inheriting land in Arizona, especially if other beneficiaries are involved. It is helpful to set out a clear communication plan; with today’s technology and a little forethought, the process can be relatively simple. Working with a highly reliable local representative, such as a professional investor from Investment Land Alliance, can provide you with the assistance you need to take care of business, no matter where in the world you are located. The pros at Investment Land Alliance live and work here in Arizona and have a vast network of reliable local industry contacts for any need that arises.

2) Unified Decisions

Several people are often listed together on the will, and inheriting land in Arizona can become highly complicated if you cannot agree on the steps to take with the property. Working with an experienced professional investor like those at Investment Land Alliance will provide the guidance you need to get everyone on the same page. First, each of your options will be detailed in full so that you’ll have a clear picture of the costs to retain the property as well as what you would earn from a sale through a traditional listing. Next, we will lay out all of the numbers should you decide to sell directly to Investment Land Alliance and make you a cash offer. And we won’t ever charge you or your loved ones a commission. 

3) Cleaning or Clearing

It can be highly emotional after losing your loved one and finding yourself with the responsibility of cleaning or clearing a property when you are inheriting land in Arizona. Many people find the experience extremely overwhelming. One benefit of making a direct sale to a professional investor like those at Investment Land Alliance, is that you can sell the land in whatever it’s current condition.

4) Expensive

Inheriting land in Arizona means inheriting the costs that come with it, including annual taxes and POA or HOA dues, along with any debt legally attached to the property. Unfortunately, few properties come to their beneficiaries in perfect condition. Should you find yourself in a similar position, you should know that when you make a direct sale to a company like Investment Land Alliance, our professional investors buy land as-is, taking all of the financial risk off of you.

5) Time

In many cases, financial obligations that accompany the property when inheriting land in Arizona require a fast sale. Cash buyers often try to use this to their advantage, making insultingly low offers. However, you won’t be taken advantage of when working with a professional investor from Investment Land Alliance. Our offer comes with a guaranteed closing date without any pressure. At Investment Land Alliance, we have the flexibility to set the closing date around your schedule to make the sale as convenient as possible for you.

Are you inheriting land in Arizona and unsure about the next step? At Investment Land Alliance, we will answer any questions or concerns to help you reach a consensus on an educated decision, with no obligation. Contact Investment Land Alliance today at 480-779-8444 to learn more.

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