How To Sell Your Land Before The End of The Year

Sometimes circumstances in life can change drastically, whether that be the loss of a job, a sudden death in the family, or economic distress. This year has certainly created some challenging situations. You may be looking at ways to alleviate some of the financial stress that comes with these types of changes and thinking that now is the time to sell your land. But the whole process can feel overwhelming and time consuming. We have good news for you!  In this post, we look at How to Sell Your Land Before the End of the Year in Arizona.

#1 Direct Sale

A direct sale to Investment Land Alliance is by far the best way to sell your land before the end of the year in Arizona! (We’ll give you a second to read that again.)

If you’re concerned about selling your land fast, our closings usually occur within 30 days or less. Our team knows the local marking inside and out and can make you a fair cash offer on your property. There are no hidden fees—the price Investment Land Alliance offers is what you’ll receive. By using a professional land buying company, you don’t have to wait for the right buyer to come along or pay all kinds of agent fees. If you want to sell your land by the end of the year, a direct sale is the way to go.

#2 Top Agent

Working with a top real estate agent is another way you may be able to sell your land before the end of the year in Arizona.  Word to the wise, you’ll want to go into this relationship with your eyes wide open, being certain you clearly understand just what the agent will require of you financially. Regrettably, when you list your property in the traditional manner these expenses will be deducted from the sales price of the real estate at closing. In addition to the expenses of working with an agent, it can be an extremely stressful process. On top of your financial burdens, in traditional listings, there is no guarantee if or when the property will sell. 

#3 Dramatic Price Drop

In order to compete in a busy market, making a drastic drop in price can help to sell your land before the end of the year in Arizona. While it can be painful to take a loss on your hard-earned equity, a lower listing price can bring in a bigger variety of buyers. The downside is that these buyers are usually inexperienced, often backing out of deals at the last minute. And again, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to close the sale of your property by the end of the year.


Another option to try to sell your land before the end of the year is to try and do it yourself as For Sale By Owner. It will be up to you to price and market your property to find a buyer. But don’t get too carried away marketing your land as the costs can sometimes negate any profits you’ll receive by selling on your own vs. to a developer or investor. You should also keep in mind that, if you choose a traditional sale for your land, you should be prepared to wait. Of course, a buyer can come along at any second, however, you are likely to be waiting for a while to find the right one.

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