How to Sell Your Land in Arizona Without Spending a Dime

“You have to spend money to make money.” Never did this prove truer than when you want to sell your land in Arizona. Realtor commission fees, marketing expenses, and payments you still have to make while you’re waiting for a buyer can all take away from your bottom line when you finally do close on the sale of your land. And let’s not forget about the time costs that come with selling. But did you know there is a way around all of the expenses of listing? In this post, we share How to Sell Your Land in Arizona Without Spending a Dime. Hint: it only takes one phone call!


When you consider selling your property, working with a real estate agent typically comes to mind. And that’s usually followed by thoughts of the dreaded commissions taken off the top at closing. However, you can save the commissions for yourself when you sell your land in Arizona by working with the direct buyers from Investment Land Alliance; We Charge No Commissions. (We’ll give you a sec to read that again.)


Perhaps the biggest part of selling any property is getting it in front of people who want to buy. Enter: Marketing. You may have the best piece of land ever, but if potential buyers can’t see photos, they’ll just pass you by. And these days, amature photography just won’t cut it in the world of real estate and online marketing to sell your land in Arizona. Many sellers hire professional photographers and drone pilots for 360 virtual tours of the land. But this can add a ton to the expenses of listing real estate on your own. And agents often charge fees to cover their costs. But by selling directly to Investment Land Alliance, you can put your wallet away because there is no need for marketing.

Curb Appeal

Many land buyers want to see the property as a blank canvas for whatever they have planned for the property. So if the parcel you want to sell is overgrown or currently serving as a local trash dump, you’ll really need to consider clearing or cleaning the space to give yourself the best chance of finding a buyer. Depending on the size of the job, it can cost thousands to have all the debris removed. But here’s the part where you can stopping worrying. Investment Land Alliance will buy your land as-is.

Holding Costs

You’ll also need to consider the expenses of holding onto the property while you try to sell your land in Arizona. This includes any annual tax payments as well as HOA or POA fees that may come due while you’re looking for a buyer. However, when you sell directly to Investment Land Alliance, the closing date is guaranteed and fast, in a few days, eliminating holding costs. A little too soon for your plans? No worries, Investment Land Alliance can delay the closing until a more convenient date for you.


Often, sellers walk away from the closing table with a much smaller amount than expected due to hidden real estate agent fees and closing costs. However, when you sell your land in Arizona directly to Investment Land Alliance, there are no hidden fees or closing costs coming off the top. Our offer is the amount of cash you receive.

Investment Land Alliance makes it easy to sell and save! Find out today how Investment Land Alliance can help you! Call Investment Land Alliance at 480-779-8444 or send us a message to learn more.

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